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Excellence in providing comprehensive project

At Cross-Pacific Pharma Connect, our excellence in providing comprehensive project management services for oncology clinical trials in Japan is rooted in three core pillars:

1. Deep Understanding of Japanese Language and Culture: Our intimate knowledge of Japan allows us to navigate its unique landscape effectively, creating efficient and culturally sensitive communication channels with all stakeholders.

2. Extensive Experience in Japanese Clinical Development Management: With eight years of experience managing clinical trials in Japan, we understand the intricacies of the country's clinical research landscape, allowing us to anticipate and navigate challenges with ease and efficiency.

3. PhD-Level Understanding of Medical Science: Our team is equipped with advanced scientific knowledge, which underpins all our operations, ensuring that the trials we manage are not only logistically successful but also scientifically rigorous.

Clinical Trial Project Management

Relying on our extensive experience and deep understanding of the clinical development landscape in Japan, we meticulously manage every aspect of oncology clinical trials. Our focus is on ensuring your projects stay on schedule, remain within budget, and meet all regulatory and ethical requirements.

Regulatory and Ethical Submission

We guide your trials through the unique regulatory environment of Japan, ensuring compliance with local laws and international guidelines. Our team expertly handles all aspects of regulatory submissions, from preparing and submitting documents to interacting with the relevant authorities.

Clinical Monitoring Support

Quality control is vital in clinical trials. Our clinical monitoring support ensures that your trials comply with protocols, Good Clinical Practice (GCP), and other regulatory requirements, thereby maintaining the integrity and accuracy of your trial data.

Local and Global Vendor Management

Managing multiple vendors is a complex aspect of conducting clinical trials. We streamline this process, providing comprehensive management of local and global vendors in areas such as data management, medical writing, and biostatistics. This ensures a seamless coordination of all parts of your trial.

Key Opinion Leader (KOL) Management

We understand the value of strong relationships with Key Opinion Leaders in the field of oncology. Our KOL management services foster these crucial connections, leveraging our deep understanding of the Japanese language and culture to facilitate these interactions.


Our robust training services prepare all site staff for their roles in your trial. We cover crucial areas such as Good Clinical Practice (GCP), trial protocol, ethical conduct, and proper data recording practices.

With our expertise and these comprehensive services, Cross-Pacific Pharma Connect is ready to become your trusted partner in conducting oncology clinical trials in Japan. Contact us today to learn more about how we can contribute to your cancer research initiatives.

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