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Our Approach

At Cross-Pacific Pharma Connect, our approach to managing oncology clinical trials in Japan is guided by the ethos instilled its founder, Östen Westerman-Gritli. It's an approach that embodies three core pillars:


1. Cultural Sensitivity: With 20 years of living in Japan and a profound understanding of its language and culture, Östen appreciates the importance of cultural nuances in conducting successful clinical trials. He ensures the strategies respect and leverage these cultural dynamics, facilitating smoother and more productive collaborations with local stakeholders.

2. Scientific Rigour: Armed with a Masters in Medical Science from the Karolinska Institute and a PhD in Medicine from the University of Tokyo, Östen's approach is firmly rooted in advanced scientific understanding. He maintains rigorous scientific standards in the planning and execution of clinical trials, ensuring the validity and reliability of the results.

3. Experienced Project Management: With eight years of experience in clinical development management in Japan, Östen's approach to project management is characterized by efficiency, precision, and adaptability. He understands the unique intricacies of the Japanese clinical trial landscape, allowing him to preempt and navigate potential hurdles with ease.

Every service Cross-Pacific Pharma Connect provides - from regulatory and ethical submission to clinical monitoring support, vendor management, Key Opinion Leader management, and training - is delivered in alignment with these principles. We are committed to managing clinical trials that are ethical, scientifically sound, and culturally sensitive, thereby ensuring that your research can make the greatest possible contribution to the global fight against cancer.

In all that we do, we strive to build bridges - between cultures, between disciplines, and between individuals. We believe that it's through these connections that the most meaningful progress can be made in oncology research.

With Cross-Pacific Pharma Connect as your partner, you can rest assured that your clinical trials in Japan are being managed with a level of expertise and understanding that is second to none. Let's connect, and together, advance the frontiers of cancer research.

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