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About Us

Östen Westerman-Gritli is a seasoned professional whose commitment to advancing oncology research has been the foundation of Cross-Pacific Pharma Connect.

Östen was born in Sweden and spent a significant part of his educational journey at the renowned Karolinska Institute, where he earned a Masters in Medical Science. Further deepening his academic prowess, he pursued and completed a PhD in Medical Science at the prestigious University of Tokyo, cementing his scientific acumen.

Living in Japan for two decades, Östen became fluent in Japanese and developed a profound understanding of the country's culture. This intimate knowledge of Japan, its language, and customs have played a pivotal role in shaping his professional journey and the way Cross-Pacific Pharma Connect operates.

With eight years of experience in clinical development management in Japan, Östen has gained invaluable insights into the country's clinical trial landscape. His extensive network of relationships within the Japanese medical and research community is a testament to his expertise and dedication.

Under Östen's leadership, Cross-Pacific Pharma Connect places a strong emphasis on ethical practices and high-quality results. He advocates for transparency, integrity, and collaboration, fostering these values within the team and ensuring they are reflected in all the work we do.

Östen Westerman-Gritli's unique fusion of scientific knowledge, cultural understanding, and managerial skills is the driving force behind Cross-Pacific Pharma Connect. His vision of bridging the gap between the East and West in the fight against cancer guides our mission as we aim to make significant contributions to the field of oncology.

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